Hitting The Trifecta

Growing up in Louisville, Kentucky, most people associate the term “trifecta” with horse racing and the prestigious, Kentucky Derby. Using that same concept – the name Trifecta Dance Center was born.


Trifecta (trahy-fek-tuh)


1.     a set of a combination of three things

2.     any achievement involving three successful outcomes


Picking a name for a dance studio, or a business in general, is difficult and requires so much thought and purpose. The name is the essential part of its brand, and I wanted it to represent the vision I had for the studio. After brainstorming and researching for quite a while, I sat down and decided what I wanted the studio to stand for and the culture I wanted to create.



            With any studio, the purpose is to take these talented dancers and grow them from the tiny dancers they enter your studio as to young adults ready to take on all of life’s challenges. I wanted to not only work with dancers to enhance their skill set, but I also wanted to teach the dancers about their body, the importance of keeping themselves healthy enough to train, and to prevent long term injury. We train in our studio with a variety of ballet, technique, and combo/improvisation classes as well as with many of the most influential choreographers and instructors at two national conventions a year!



            We live in a social media world that’s teaching girls (and boys for that matter) to compare their lives to others. Don’t get me wrong – my phone is filled with the latest apps and I try to stay up to date – and it’s incredibly hard to not get sucked into the vortex that is Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, feeds/stories. However, I decided that with my studio, I wanted to create a TRUE judgment-free zone. A space where dancers feel safe to share, dance in front of their peers, and learn to encourage each other – no matter where they were in their dance journey. I wanted to host confidence based events that teach girls self-love and that they are ENOUGH!



            There is something so incredible about giving back. From a very young age, my mom signed me up to volunteer for many events around my community. As I grew older and reached the age that I could to make my own choices, I found several ways to give back to the community on my own. With Trifecta – I want to grow an outreach program that involves my dancers and families giving back to the communities in which they live and work! Showing appreciation for what we have, what we are able to do, and who we are able to become because of our surroundings. With the studio, I decided we would host several free community events, as well as participate in volunteer opportunities!


While this studio is my business, it is first my love. I hope that as dancers grow and graduate from my program, they will take these values and incorporate them into every aspect of their lives!


Alexis Harrison

Alexis HarrisonComment
Dance Studio Owner... Who me?
Little Alexis.jpg

In my grandparent’s basement – sitting on the overturned close hamper, I watched my cousin spinning around and around. Shortly after, I was standing beside her – asking her to teach me her moves, choreographing routines in the backyard and among the swing set. We held month performances for our family and soon my own parents enrolled me in dance.

Looking back at my dance days, never would I have imagined teaching and owning my own studio. Don’t get me wrong – I wouldn’t change my career path for the world – but I definitely didn’t believe I’d be here, sitting in my own place writing this blog!

I’m definitely young and this business owner world is difficult to navigate – even with the best mentors and business partners. However, I am beyond excited to continue growing and challenging myself. I find myself on my “days off” researching and watching dance videos, finding the best business books, following and messaging dance mentors for advice and feedback and let me tell you… it is AWESOME! This being year two and only the beginning, I know there are many things still left to learn and trials to overcome but I’m ecstatic to share this journey with you all!

Besides the business side – there is seriously something so special about walking into a building. Feeling no pressure, no anxiety – just being free to create and grow. That’s what I want to offer every dancer that steps foot in my doors. Their own creative space to be themselves.



Alexis Harrison

Alexis HarrisonComment