Dance Studio Owner... Who me?

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In my grandparent’s basement – sitting on the overturned close hamper, I watched my cousin spinning around and around. Shortly after, I was standing beside her – asking her to teach me her moves, choreographing routines in the backyard and among the swing set. We held month performances for our family and soon my own parents enrolled me in dance.

Looking back at my dance days, never would I have imagined teaching and owning my own studio. Don’t get me wrong – I wouldn’t change my career path for the world – but I definitely didn’t believe I’d be here, sitting in my own place writing this blog!

I’m definitely young and this business owner world is difficult to navigate – even with the best mentors and business partners. However, I am beyond excited to continue growing and challenging myself. I find myself on my “days off” researching and watching dance videos, finding the best business books, following and messaging dance mentors for advice and feedback and let me tell you… it is AWESOME! This being year two and only the beginning, I know there are many things still left to learn and trials to overcome but I’m ecstatic to share this journey with you all!

Besides the business side – there is seriously something so special about walking into a building. Feeling no pressure, no anxiety – just being free to create and grow. That’s what I want to offer every dancer that steps foot in my doors. Their own creative space to be themselves.



Alexis Harrison

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